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Enthusiastic Testimonial by Valentín Álvarez, AEC

Optimo prime series & integrated optical palette : an enthusiastic testimonial by Valentín Álvarez, AEC

Valentín Álvarez AEC recently used the Optimo Prime Series to shoot a commercial video. He shared his thoughts about the prime lenses developed by Angénieux.

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Cinematograher McGinty Talkes About The Type EZ

Cinematographer Brendan McGinty

Brendan McGinty is an award-winning British cinematographer. He opened up about his experience working with the Type EZ. Welcome to Earth is a brand-new documentary that stars Will Smith as he travels around the earth to explore its greatest treasures.

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Capturing the Essence of the Angénieux Glass

Capturing the Essence of the Classic Angénieux Glass

Jay Huang, cinematography team leader of production/rental house To Go Film Company, tells our partner Jebsen why the Optimo Prime Series are proving to be a must-have production tool.

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The Journey from S35 to Full Frame Format

DoP Yu Hua

Recently, our partner Jebsen had the honour to interview veteran DoP Yu Hua. A Director, Documentary Producer, and a long-time contract DoP of the National Geographic Society, Yu was also the official DoP for the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens, and the aerial cinematographer for the Disney documentary film “Ature African Cats”. His work had taken him into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 43 times, filming the National Geographic documentary ” Roof of the World”.

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Students from La Fémis at energa Camerimage 2021

La Femis Students at Camerimage 2021

The Energa Camerimage in Torun, Poland, is The annual rendez-vous of the International community of Directors of Photography. Every year, students from Film Schools also join the 9-day event to have the opportunity to meet their peers, attend masterclasses, round tables, discover the latest cinema technology and watch the movie selection. Students from La Femis, the prestigious French school, attended the 2021 edition, in collaboration with Angénieux. After experiencing the most of everything the festival had to offer, they are very keen to share with us their impressions as the next generation of DPs.

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Angénieux EZ Lenses: A Definite Choice for Handheld

DP Li Bo

Recently, the web series “The Imperial Coroner” stood out from its many rivals, winning recognition of the audience by the sophistication in production and film-like image quality, despite the absence of celebrities with huge fan bases and large-scale promotion campaigns.

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Type EZ Lenses Help Capture the Essence of Period Drama

Director of Photography Wu Qiao

Capturing the history, iconic and ordinary people from different angles, drama series “Big Waves Washing the Sand” presents the history of the Chinese Communist Party over the past century.

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DOP Agnès Godard

This year Agnès Godard will receive the Pierre Angénieux Tribute surrounded by her artistic delegation at the Cannes Film Festival. Ahead of the prestigious evening, this extraordinarily talented director of photography shares her passion for cinema lenses and particaular love story with Angénieux.

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President of Angénieux - Emmanuel Sprauel

This past year was like a box of chocolates — we never knew what we were going to get. In this post, Emmanuel Sprauel, president of Angénieux, reflects on this uncertainty and how it impacted the film industry and our company. Now looking forward with renewed positivity to the Cannes Film Festival as official partners for the 8th consecutive year, we know 2 things we will certainly get: the full Optimo Prime Series and the celebration of Agnès Godard at the Pierre Angénieux Tribute ceremony.

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Director of Photography Robbie van Brussel chose the OPTIMO PRIME series for a commercial shot with Director Philip de longh, for the famous lingerie brand Hunkemöller. The commercial was broadcasted on Dutch TV recently. On Instagram, Hunkemöller’s self-definition as a brand is “empowering women to be their most beautiful self”. Color accuracy, skin tone respect, realistic images with no distortion….all good reasons to use Angénieux lenses for a commercial for this brand.

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On-Set Review of Angénieux Type EZ with DP Shu Kawashima

Finding a lens that meets today’s film demands can prove to be a good investment for any filmmaker. For those who wish to recreate atmospheres of bygone eras, or create the vibes of a future world, the Angénieux Type EZ lenses are a good companion to have for achieving a high-quality cinematic look and feel.

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