Company History

25 Years of Band Pro Style

What began in 1984 as a small-time start up has since grown into an internationally recognized HD institution.The early 1980s signaled a shift in ENG production. News was no longer the sole domain of the major networks. In an effort to reduce overhead, networks chose to hire independent freelance owner/operators for much of their camera work.

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The Life of Amnon

amnonFrom Film & Digital Times, Issue 35, September 2010
From the Assumption of Mary in “Correggio’s Dome” on page 12, we travel to the actual location in Jerusalem where the scene may have taken place (above, left). We’re at the epicenter of the world’s three major religions, and I’m an accidental tourist with (above, right) Helmut Lehnhof of ZEISS, Alfred Piffl of P+S Technik, Trevor Steele of EMIT, and a group of colleagues attending Band Pro Israel’s Expo and Open House.

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