Enthusiastic Testimonial by Valentín Álvarez, AEC

Optimo prime series & integrated optical palette : an enthusiastic testimonial by Valentín Álvarez, AEC

Valentín Álvarez AEC recently used the Optimo Prime Series to shoot a commercial video. He shared his thoughts about the prime lenses developed by Angénieux.

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Cinematograher McGinty Talkes About The Type EZ

Cinematographer Brendan McGinty

Brendan McGinty is an award-winning British cinematographer. He opened up about his experience working with the Type EZ. Welcome to Earth is a brand-new documentary that stars Will Smith as he travels around the earth to explore its greatest treasures.

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Capturing the Essence of the Angénieux Glass

Capturing the Essence of the Classic Angénieux Glass

Jay Huang, cinematography team leader of production/rental house To Go Film Company, tells our partner Jebsen why the Optimo Prime Series are proving to be a must-have production tool.

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