Founded in 1984 by President & CEO Amnon Band, Band Pro specializes in high end cine cameras & lenses; and is the preferred partner for production companies, rental houses, and owner-operators worldwide. In addition to the milestones below, Band Pro is a trusted reseller for over fifty top cine manufacturers.

A leading authority on state-of-the-art cinema technology and accessories, from the beginning Band Pro pioneered digital cinema by working closely with film production accessory company Chrosziel Filmtechnik of Munich, Germany to help transition their product line to the emerging digital cinema world and serve as their exclusive US distributor.

In 1986 Band Pro became the exclusive US distributor for Easyrig, a new camera support company based in Sweden. Today, Easyrig is the most widely-used camera support in the industry.

Band Pro became an official Sony reseller in 1986 and has gone on to become Sony’s leading Cine Alta reseller worldwide. Band Pro has been instrumental in guiding the development of Sony’s next generation cine cameras and remains a close partner for research and development.

In 1999, German cine lens manufacturer Zeiss partnered with Band Pro to develop and exclusively distribute worldwide one of the world’s first 2/3" digital cinema lenses, Zeiss Digi Primes and Digi Zooms.

In 2010, German lens maker Leica partnered with Band Pro to launch their first cinema lens, the Leica Summilux-C. Band Pro helped design, and became the exclusive worldwide distributor for, Leica Summilux-C, which went on to win a Technical Oscar for optical excellence.

In 2014 Band Pro became the exclusive US Distributor for German specialty lens designer IBE Optics GMBH. The IBE Optics Raptor Macro lens was the industry’s first full frame cinema macro lens.

Beginning in 2016, Band Pro partnered with historic French cinema lens manufacturer Angenieux to develop the Type EZ Zoom lens series and exclusively distribute Type EZ in the Americas. EZ Zooms are the first cine lenses to be interchangeable between full frame and S35 shooting formats. Six years on, Type EZ remains one of the most widely used cine zooms industry wide.

At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Band Pro signed an agreement with Angenieux to be the exclusive distributor in the Americas for full frame Optimo Primes, the most advanced cine prime lenses ever designed, allowing for custom cinematic looks to be created inside the lens on demand.

At the end 2019 Band Pro was approached by Thales-Angenieux and signed an exclusive agreement to oversee all business activity in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Central & South America. This marked the creation of Angenieux Americas, with Band Pro providing Angenieux sales, service and support across the Americas.

In addition to their sales & distribution efforts, Band Pro’s Service Department is an authorized Sony Warranty Repair Center and is certified to perform professional camera and lens diagnostics & repairs for most major manufacturers. Band Pro’s Optical Department is fully staffed with trained cine lens technicians and is truly state-of-the-art.


Amnon is an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC). Likewise, Band Pro is a member of the Society of Camera Operators (SOC), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), The Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG), and The Digital Cinema Society (DCA). Band Pro is a proud supporter of the Local 600 Camera Operators Union, an annual supporter of the Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA), and supports University Cinema Programs across the U.S.

With offices in Burbank and Tel Aviv, Band Pro remains at the forefront of global cine production.

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